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Helping Payers and Providers Take Value-Based Care Across the Finish Line

If there was ever any doubt, the last few years have proven that the race to achieve value-based care is a marathon, not a sprint. The first stage was just gaining acceptance for the concept of changing the core structure of an entire industry. The second was putting the mechanisms in place, such as digitizing health data and developing highly precise predictive analytics, to begin the actual transition. Those stages have largely been completed, which means we now have a much better idea of who the high-cost, high-risk members/patients ar...

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Health Information Technology and Business Intelligence Possess the Power to Transform an Entire Population’s Health

By Ron Ritchey, MD, MBA, Chief Medical Officer, eQHealth Solutions Looking Back Reflecting on National Health IT Week has made me think of how far the industry has come in the effective use of health data and technology to reshape the way we deliver care to patients. The explosion of innovation and growth over the last 35 years, since I began my practice, has been miraculous to see and be a part of. In fact, I was reminiscing not so long ago – the capabilities we now have at our fingertips would have been thought to be out of a futu...

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2018 Chronic Care Management: The Future Is NOW

Chronic Care Management battles healthcare costs and improves care for patients with chronic diseases. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services are working to improve Chronic Care Management health codes and programs to improve the quality of lives for those struggling with a chronic disease. 

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eQHealth Solutions Offers 60 Day Fast Start Turnkey CCM Solution

Using Our 30 Years’ Experience to Facilitate Business Continuity and Minimize Disruption to Your Chronic Care Management Program If you are ready to get on the fast track to building a successful CCM program or if you or your practice been affected by a partnership dissolvement with a former chronic care management vendor, eQHealth Solutions is prepared to help get you started or facilitate your transition in 60 days or less. Why eQHealth’s CCM Solution eQHealth is a population health management company and leading provider...

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[INFOGRAPHIC] 5 Use Cases for Business Intelligence and Healthcare Analytics

Business Intelligence (BI) and healthcare analytics are mainstays in a robust population health management ecosystem. These capabilities are typically leveraged for quality and performance improvement in healthcare. Whether you are specifically looking at how to better complete risk stratification for your population identifying members that need preventative care to reduce the likelihood of serious illness, or intervention to help treat or cure an existing condition, BI and healthcare analytics can help.  While there are no crystal bal...

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2018 Big Winners in the Medicare Chronic Care Management Program Rulings: How FQHCs, RHCs and other Provider Organizations Are Impacted

Chronic Care Management continues to be a valuable and effective tool in the race to manage chronic health conditions and disease. Though CMS continues to refine requirements, they recognize that Medicare Chronic Care Management (CCM) is an important component in a comprehensive program designed to provide quality care and deliver improved healthcare outcomes. In 2018, Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) and Regional Health Clinics (RHCs) are the big winners and most affected by the changes made in the CMS rulings. The main thrust of ...

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How to Improve Healthcare Data Security with a HITRUST Certified IT Vendor: The Right IT Partner Can Help Prevent a Healthcare Data Breach

About the same time personal computers became ubiquitous, the medical industry began to formalize talks and discuss the importance, in fact the necessity, of medical record sharing. Recognizing that the most effective sharing process would be computerizing or digitizing those records, the focus was on sharing patient information, not only to replace paper systems with expensive computers to maintain the status quo, but to make a step-function change in healthcare providing a more comprehensive medical record for patients - enabling more informe...

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9 Healthcare Developments to Watch in 2018

As individuals, we look to the new year and for whatever reason, habit or instinct; we think about what is to come. If you have been watching healthcare industry news, then you know that 2018 promises to be as fascinating as 2017, full of twists and turns, strange bedfellows and, if all goes well, some real improvements in how we manage care. 1. Health Information Technology is evolving to better meet clinicians’ needs. Health information technology in one form or another is the norm for most healthcare organizations at this point. ...

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Seven Tips for Your Health and Wellbeing Over the Holidays

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy Kwanza. No matter how or what you celebrate, the holiday season does not have to be stressful. Holiday stress can often result from setting high expectations and seeking perfection - when the two don’t match the situation becomes stressful.  To serve as a friendly reminder of how to be healthy, less stressed and more joyful over the holidays, these tips may apply to you and your patients too. Eat, drink and be merry in moderation It’s the most wonderful time...

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Why Patient Activation Levels Are Critical to PHM Success

Many of the clinicians planning to practice value-based care have taken at least a few steps toward that goal including some investment of both time and money. If you are among this group, then you have likely begun to build or have already built an engine to drive clinical integration to assure your practice or organization has the data needed to create a comprehensive health record for your patients. Additionally, you may already have staff focused in this area as well as a business and clinical intelligence toolset to risk stratify your popu...

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